Getting More Visitors To Your Site

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I have seen many website with decent layout and outstanding content. But yet they are not well-known and do not get as much visitors as it should be. Or maybe they do get some visitors, but the visitors do not come back.

Update it

It happens mostly because most of the web pages on the internet are one time uploaded. If you visited that site, would you visit it again? Apparently not, you already know the content of that page. Therefore, my point is you should definitely update your site more often, at least twice in a week. In your front page of your site, make a section where you can list the updates. That way visitor will know what section of your site you have updated and they will look at it for sure.

Last Update

I have noticed on many web pages that it says something like “Last updated by 01/01/04” and in my opinion you should not do that. It is not really necessary. It makes visitors think that you are being procrastinated if that page was not updated for long time and they will have negative thoughts about you. So, simply skip that part.

Join forums

You certainly should join some forums and give yourself at least one hour for them. Put your site link in your signature with an interesting quote which will make people click it. Thereafter, help people as much as you can and get well-known. By this means, people who you helped will visit your site and will recommend you to their friends.

Link Exchange

Believe it or not, gets a lot visitor from the sites it has link exchanged. In this manner, you should also link exchange with other websites. But hold your breath, not any website. You ought to only link exchange with sites which have same contents as you. Also, add your website to some eminent top sites which will brink you huge amount of traffic.

Search Engines:

Maybe you don’t realize, but search engines are also great way to get visitors. Consequently, you should submit your website to some great search engines. For instance, google, Yahoo!, AllTheWeb, ExactSeek, Alexa and so on. Here is a great site where you can submit your site for absolutely free.