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Getting Started Developing Websites

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Alright, basics are first. Content is most important thing on any web site. Visitors come to your page to view your content, not to just look at a mouth watering design. For an example, Invano. You probably came to our site to view the exclusive articles or tutorials. Our layout is nothing special, but our content is very good, and helpful. Anything that a user finds interesting will grab their attention and keep them on your page. So it is very important to keep your site detailed in what ever you supply. Explain it well, make it clear, make it understandable, and unique. Continuing on..

Theme. Your site’s theme is very important, along with your domain name. Your domain name should be related to your theme. A domain name like webhost.com would be horrible if your site was say games. A domain name like games.com would be perfect for a site on games. Try to make the site name the same as the domain name. So make sure you think of a decent site name, and a decent domain. I personally suggest that you check to make sure the domain name is available before you start your site. If the domain is taken, I suggest you think of another name. Try to stay away from using a dash () in your domain name, it makes the domain harder to remember. Be creative, take your time, when thinking of a name, rushing is not necessary. If you are opening up a new page say on web design, you should stick with one idea at first, say tutorials. As you build up a nice database of tutorials and you start getting decent hits, you should move on and expand a bit and add say templates.

Design. Your site’s design should be nice, clean, and fast loading. Most people will exit a site if it does not load in under ten seconds. You will want to make sure that your site’s color’s go good with each other. To make an effective design, I suggest you grab some paper & a pen and draw it out. Once you come up with a design, open up photoshop and draw it in there. Start adding color, gradients, text, etc. Once you finish that up, slice it up and code it. If you do not know how to code, or are a beginner, I suggest you use Microsoft Frontpage or Macromedia Dreamweaver, but soon or later you should start coding your own. Remember, a killer design is nothing with out good content.

Navigation. This goes under design also. You will want to create your site so that it is easy to navigate through. Try and make it simple. Separate out the links to there categories like we do on invano. This will help the user find what they want faster. A site map might even help out a lot if your site is big. Navigation is the second most important aspect of your page. If a user cannot find his/her way around, then he cannot access your content no matter how good it is. So make your site easy to navigate through.

Content. Your content site’s content is the most important part of your site. If you do not have content, then you do not have a site in my opinion. For your content, try to stay on one main subject. For an example again, Invano. We have everything related to web design. If you plan on having a site on cars and monkeys, don’t plan on a popular site. Take time on your content, try not to rush thorough anything! Make it the the best of your abilities, that way, it should turn out excellent. Remember, you will want to slow down on this part, it’s the most important part of any web site. It’s the structure.