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In this tutorial I’ll demonstrate how to achieve the famous Loading Eclipse. These are the kind you’ll see on Youtube videos, when they are loading. It’s pretty simple to achieve but requires some thought.

Let’s start, just to let you know, this is purely animation skills. It’s the key to getting a good loading bar or eclipse. Like always start a new document.

Now, using the Eclipse Tool and holding down Shift drag out a small circle. Let go and I’ll be created. Now duplicate this layer 4 times.


Layers after duplicated.

Now is the ultimate key to the whole tutorial – Opacity and changing the layers.

OK, select any circle and change the opacity to 80%.

Select the circle before that one and change the opacity of the layer to 60%.

Next circle after that change it to 40%.

After that the next one to 20%.

And the last one will be 10%.

Add some text below this too.

Make sure it’s like this:

Now that you’ve done that part. It’s time for the animation bit. Clicking the Folder icon below the layers will get you a new folder. Rename it to 1 and move all your current stuff in.

Make 4 more folders, rename them to the corresponding numbers.

Here is the confusing part. Basically what we aim to do in this section is this:

Duplicate folder 1, paste the duplicated content into folder two. Duplicate frame and set visible ( folder 2 and frame 2 ). Then change the opacity of the circles as if they are going round clock wise.

Open Window > Animation and with the first frame selected, check the visibility of frame 1. And set others to invisible.

Duplicate the frame and set the visibility to false ( eye off ) of the first and all other frame except 2nd.

Open up this folder and make the following changes to the content circles:

The circle that was 10% now is 80%.

The circle that was 80% is now 60%.

The circle that was 60% is now 40%.

The circle that was 40% is still 20%.

The circle that was 20% is now 10%.

There! Phew. 😀

What you should have now is the circles have moved one step up through the clock wise direction and changed their opacity to still have that dark to light patten. Also frame delay is 0.1 seconds. 🙂

Now do the same for each frame and folder, duplicating folder contents each time and changing opacities as well as setting the visibility’s to correct settings. If frame 3 is showing then folder 3 is visible only.

I hope that wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to explain this process. If done right following the instructions above then you should have something like this.

I seriously hope you understood this tutorial, it was very confusing even to write it myself. If you get stopped by any problems at all just leave a comment and I’ll write you a mini-comment-tutorial 🙂 PSD is available as always if you just didn’t complete it.

Loading Eclipse PSD

Enjoy loading!