Tutorial – Xbox 360 Dashboard

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In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create your very own Xbox 360 type dashboard, for a wallpaper, signature or avatar. You’ll be creating the environment, the blocks that move about and the text. Full PSD is available as usual. Read on for the tut!

Start a new document, size it 700×700.

Grab the Optical Marquee Tool and draw out an oval shape, right click and ‘New Layer’, right click again and ‘Fill’ with white. Now double click on the layer and add a grey gradient.

Now, the white left in the background is up to you. Usually in the Xbox 360 Dashboard, that background bit displays your theme or the game / film you’re about to download. I am going to add in my Gears Of War 2 theme. You can add anything you want.

Now, that you’ve done that, let’s make the tabs that display your games, films and such. Grab the Rounded Rectangle Tool and while holding Shift draw out a square. And three more like so.

Now, fill the last three boxes with a gradient like the following.

The first square is up to you. Fill it with anything. The current game you may play or just a film box art.
I’ve added my Call Of Duty 4 game picture as the game was in the Xbox 360.

Now, time for some little details. Download the Xbox 360 font here and slap on some text in the following locations.

1 – This depends on the item you’ve placed into this box, font size 21.
2 – Font size 27.
3 – Font size 27 but opacity dimmed to 50%.
4 – Font size 21, opacity 40%.
5 – Font size 17, opacity 20%.
6 – Font size 22.
7 – Circle is #ffffff and the ‘G’ is c8c8c8.
8 – Font size 17.
9 – Can be obtained off the Microsoft Xbox website when you sign in.

Now, get the avatar from your Xbox.com account and make an oval and Motion Blur it like this.

Now that you’ve got that, go to your Xbox.com account again and pull out some images of recent games you’ve played. Slap them on.
Add some more text and duplicate the ones above.

Find on Google some game boxes and slap them on too along with some text.

Now, select the Custom Shape Tool (U) and select the default Music Note shape, add it into the last box and add a green + yellow to light yellow gradient to it. With a Drop Shadow with default settings but the Distance is one.

Time for the last two features, the buttons and the ‘X’.

Grab the Eclipse Tool (U) and draw out two circles, give ‘em nice green and yellow colours.
With the same Drop Shadow.

Now for the final ‘X’, import this image into Photoshop and place it in the corner. Add eclipses and lower opacity as they expand.

And you should get the final thing!

Looks real huh? 🙂

PSD is here as usual.

Xbox 360 Dashboard PSD